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We are  your commercial aspirations realised
The outsourcing solution focusses on the completion of your projects to a high standard, on time and within budget.

This covers engineering, technical and technology-based requirements, and we can support your recurring business activities to a high standard.
The Statement of Work and Service Level Agreements allow us to ensure your objectives and budget are clearly defined before we provide support. Then, we’ll directly manage your outsource programmes, using an appropriate commercial model, to ensure all the objectives are met.

As each programme has different objectives, we’ll structure the services to meet your objectives and take responsibility for a successful outcome.


Enjoy support in achieving your business objectives, while we oversee your recruitment, teams and tasks for you.

As well as building the team of experts you need, we’ll agree on deadlines against the completion of projects or other deliverables with you. We’ll also keep all your programme processes in place and manage them for you, as well as provide regular progress reports.

Choose a commercial model to suit the type of work you're undertaking:

  • Fixed Price or Time and Material payment model
  • Predefined instalments based on dates
  • Outcome or deliverable target-based payments
  • Risk/Reward performance-based payments (e.g. early completion)


Grow the efficiency of your business processes through a well-managed team of experts.
We can take your non-core business activities and drive productivity by applying our expertise and industry standard practices.
We’ll identify and recruit driven people to help you reach specific targets – and manage these specialists for you. As well as filling skills gaps within your company, we’ll maintain a high quality of service, providing regular performance updates which are set against clear service levels.

There are two service-based options:

  • Managed Teams – where we manage solely the team
  • Outsourced Services – where we manage the team and workload for you

You also have a choice of three commercial models:

  • Fixed fee per month
  • Outcome-based payments (e.g. processes completed or service levels maintained)
  • Mixed fixed minimum fee and outcome-based payments

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