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How much are you worth?

Welcome to the first ever Carbon60 Aviation Salary Survey created in conjunction with Aviation Job Search which is based on responses from over 2,000 aviation professionals across the world.
It will provide a comprehensive overview of salary and market trends and a useful guide both for employers looking for recruitment wisdom and job seekers looking for the best opportunities in aviation.
Key highlights:
  • Average permanent salary is £48,608 vs. av. contract salary of £59,334
  • Best permanent salary can be found in line maintenance with an av. salary of £51,625
  • Best contract salary is in design where on average they earn £88,737 pa
  • 51% of employees rate their employer positively and 86% of responders feel positive about their industry as a whole.
  • 90% of responders either strongly or slightly agree that there is more day-to-day pressure than before.


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