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Dealing with a difficult manager

It is likely that at some point in your career you will be working with someone who you just don’t get on with. Situations can be made trickier if this person is your manager or someone who is more senior to you. Rather than let them get to you and affect your performance and general state of happiness, look at a few of the suggestions below to help avoid future issues.

Look at things from your manager’s perspective

Think about what values are important to them. Are they the same as yours? Also, they may have many business objectives which could be a reason why they are acting as they do.

Little issues like these could explain why they act like they do and if you know what the causes are, this could make them easier to tolerate or at least be more accommodating.

Is it me?

You may be practical perfect but do others see you as you see yourself? Look at your own behaviour, is it acceptable, are you being cooperative, or are you reading into something that isn’t there?

Look at how you can do things differently and see what change this has on your relationship with your manager.

Don’t let things build up

If you have a problem with a situation which is affecting your performance or motivation, speak to your manager directly. Don’t let things build up and let the situation deteriorate.

Arrange to speak to your manager in private and talk through the situation in a professional and polite manner. Being honest and open with your manager will be good to get things off your chest and together you will hopefully be able to resolve any issues.

Be supportive not undermining

It’s easy to moan about your manager to co-workers behind their back but what will this achieve? And if they do find out about it, it will make your relationship even worse.

If you have no plans of leaving the company, try to improve your relationship with them but working more closely. This could help raise your profile within the business and be seen as an important and valuable member of staff which could open up new opportunities in the future.

And finally, be positive

Try not to let your manager’s negative behaviour affect your own attitude which could impact on your performance. Focus on the positive things that you like about your job and work on maintaining good relationships with your co-workers.

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