How to job hunt at work

How to job hunt at work

Below looks at how you can handle things professionally and diplomatically.

Don’t tell your colleagues

In some circumstances it might be appropriate to tell your boss that you’re looking for work. But as a general rule, avoid telling anyone.

It could jeopardise relationships you’ve built and the security of your current position.

Update your LinkedIn profile cautiously

Updating your LinkedIn profile won’t raise any suspicions, but emailing everyone at work for recommendations and endorsements will.

It’s also worth temporarily turning off notifications when you update your profile. That way, you can add in the detail you need without any colleagues noticing.

Try to schedule first interviews before or after work

These days, prospective employers tend to be very accommodating when it comes to interview timings.

However, if it’s a position you’re especially excited about and you want to prepare properly, take a day’s holiday.

Don’t dress too differently

It sounds obvious, but wearing a smart suit if you normally dress casually will make people think you’ve got an interview.

Be honest with your prospective employer and explain your issue in advance of the interview. If they like you, they’ll understand.

Avoid using your company computer or email in your job search

Businesses often track your internet use, so searching for jobs at work is a bad idea.

Sending job-related emails from work is also naïve, given that your emails are potentially monitored too.

Don’t let your performance slip

It’s easy to slow down your work rate when a new opportunity is on the horizon, but it’s vital that you don’t.

Remaining professional and focused ensures that you’ll receive strong references and leave with your reputation intact. And, if anything goes wrong in your job search, you’ll have some security where you are now.

Keep your search quiet online

Don’t forget that secrets are harder to keep in the digital world. If you mention that you’re looking for work on social media, it’s very likely that word will get back to your current employer.

Operate your search discretely from home, and be cautious about what information you share and where you share it.

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