Jobs for Ukraine

Find work in the UK as a Ukrainian refugee

All of us at Carbon60 are saddened by the events in Ukraine. As part of Impellam Group, we want to support Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK in the best way we know-how – by helping to find good jobs for people and people for good jobs.

We understand it may take time for Ukrainian refugees to settle into their new life in the UK. When they’re ready to take their first steps toward getting a new job, we’ll be here to support them. We’ll help them find a job that reflects their experience and expertise and best suits their needs.

We believe we need to do our bit in this difficult time, and we’ll be donating 100% of the profits made from job placements to the International Red Cross.

These are cost-neutral activities (beyond the time taken to achieve them) that will help to cement the initiative’s importance and demonstrate a singular, cooperative response to this situation.

Jobs for Ukraine Carbon60
Support for Ukrainian jobseekers in the UK

If you are, or know of a, Ukrainian national now residing in the UK who is looking for a job, please share our designated ‘Jobs for Ukraine’ page, part of our Impellam website, to help us spread the word.  

Jobs for Ukraine

Робота для України
Підтримка українцям, які шукають роботу у Великобританії

Якщо ви знаєте громадян України, які зараз проживають у Великобританії, і які шукають роботу, будь ласка, поділіться нашою спеціальною сторінкою «Вакансії для України», частиною нашого веб-сайту Impellam, щоб допомогти нам поширити інформацію.

Робота для України