Attrition and motivation

Russell Beck attrition seminar 

The cost of hiring new staff is often highlighted but what is not always discussed is the cost of attrition - what do businesses do to keep hold of their workforce? This Seminar looks at the key issues of why people leave and what can businesses do to minimise these factors including the impact line managers have on attrition. It also addresses what motivates people and what businesses can do to make them stay.

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Candidate Experience

Russell Beck candidate experience seminar 

Businesses spend a fortune hiring talent but if you provide a poor candidate experience research shows that will impact on your future ability to hire talent. In this seminar, we look at candidate experience, what it actually means, its business impact, how to measure the cost of providing a poor experience candidate and above all, how to improve it.

Employee Engagement

Russell Beck employee engagement seminar 

Can you define what Employee Engagement means? We have all heard of it but what does it really mean? This seminar removes the ambiguity of ‘employee engagement’ and through the use of real examples, case studies and realistic solutions you can turn it into your competitive advantage.

The Generation Game

Russell Beck generation game seminar 

There are already four generations in the workplace, and soon to be five. This seminar looks at what attributes make up each of these generations, their outlook on work and what do they each value in work. It uses the latest research and case studies to show what businesses are doing to effectively manage a multi-generational workforce.


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What does good look like

What good looks like seminar 

Research shows that 5% of your workforce produces 26% of the output. Why are we no better at hiring good people today than we were in the 1940’s? this seminar looks at what you can do to increase the number of good hires in your business and how to avoid future mediocre hires. 

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2020 Vision: the future of work

Russell Beck 2020 vision seminar v2 

Over the next 5 years, work and businesses will change significantly. How can we future proof our careers and firms their businesses? This seminar looks at the key issues in play and what is already been implemented by other businesses to prepare themselves for the future. In many cases the future is already here. 


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Appraising the Appraisal Process

Russell Beck appraisal seminar 

Performance evaluation has been a staple part of business processes for as long as people can remember. But for as long as they’ve existed, they have often been viewed as simply a corporate exercise that pays lip service to performance management. This seminar looks at why appraisals have become regarded as a trap rather than a tool, what constitutes an effective performance review system and finally, the way forward.

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