Be original on your CV

Recruiters and HR professionals may receive hundreds of CVs for every role advertised so it is vital that you make your CV stand out in that 2-3 second window when they look at it.

You need to be able to highlight your skills and attributes and it is easy to use clichés to sum them up. Unfortunately, lots of other candidates do that as well.

PurpleCV recently surveyed 2,000 CVs and these were the most common phases or words that appeared:

  • Hard working: 25%
  • Reliable: 18.3%
  • Team player: 11.6%
  • Dedicated: 9.5%
  • Passionate: 8.2%
  • Strategic thinker: 6.8%
  • Results driven: 4.5% 
  • Dynamic: 3.5%

If you want to be original, use different words to promote yourself and your skills.

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