Should you outsource your recruitment

It’s no secret that the key to any successful business is the employees which help keep the business cog turning. When recruiting a new member of staff it’s vital that you get someone with not only the right skills but also a person who would fit the business culture. Businesses need to decide whether they have the resources and skills to do it alone or outsource the hiring to a recruitment agency.

Benefits of using a recruitment agency

Your focus can remain on business
Hiring new employees is extremely time consuming. From trawling through multiple CVs, liaising with potential candidates and arranging interviews, the process is a lengthy and often tedious one which can result in you neglecting your day-to-day job. A recruitment agency will manage the admin for you, attracting and filtering job seekers, arranging interviews and contract negotiations.

Improve the quality of hires
Recruiters specialise in seeking out the best candidates on the market. You can benefit from their experience, knowledge, and guidance. Businesses will also benefit from their extensive candidate database expanding the awareness of your vacancy with agencies working closely with you to clearly understand your requirements and matching these to potential candidates.
Keep up with demand
Managing your recruitment needs and demands of your ever-growing company can be tough, especially if you don’t have the time and resources required. Recruitment agencies will be better qualified for handling a high volume of roles at one time, as well as having the advantage of being able to dedicate all of their time to it, rather than you juggling it alongside your day-to-day role. They can also help with brand management, meaning agencies can provide candidates with detailed insight into what it is like to work for your company & benefits, etc. which from a 3rd party perspective would be more insightful compared to a biased employer saying how great they are.
Reduce your turnover rate
It’s a recruiter’s job to be well practiced in assessing what kind of person will be suitable for your company and be successful in the position you are offering. They will find out the company culture, what prospective candidates are looking for in a job, their long-term career goals and they’re not afraid to discuss salary. Better placed individuals in the right job and company for them means they will stay at the job longer and reduce your staff turnover rates. A poorly run recruitment process will only be to blame for a high turnover rate and have financial implications for your business in the long-term.
Other issues to consider

Depending on the type of vacancy and contract, agencies will usually take a fixed fee or a percentage of the salary. This would not be an issue if you manage the recruitment internally, however, non-financial costs such as time and admin issues are also important factors to consider. There is also the risk of hiring a person who is unsuitable for the role and the negative implications this can have in the future.

Agencies cannot guarantee a perfect candidate but with their expertise and your business working closely with them, together you can increase the chance of recruiting one.

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