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Things not say in an interview

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience but its important that you come across professional and don't say the wrong thing.

So (see also like, sorry, just)

Using 'so' and 'like' as filler words give the impression that you're unsure of yourself

Bad (see also boring, hate, annoying)

Never use negative language in an interview, focus on the positives


You're a skilled and professional individual so focus on speaking positively and confidently


Don't be self-deprecating, always big yourself up


Of course it's fine to say 'no' most of the time... but never when the interviewer asks whether you have any questions for them.


Don't talk about the salary or benefits in the early stages of the interview process, otherwise it'll look like you're only after the money.

F$%k (see also s#it or any other swear word)

Keep your language clean, even if the interviewer swears, right now you need to sound professional

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