Keeping motivated

Unless you are exceptionally lucky and get a job offer from the first job you applied for, it is likely that you will apply for many roles, have a number of interview and after a number of rejections you get offered a job.

The recruitment process can be depressing at times and it’s important not to let it get to you and to keep positive throughout. Below are a few tips on how to stay motivated and to make you stronger in the future.

Here are a few suggestions to help you out:

It’s not you!

You could have performed really well in an interview but you may not have been the right fit that they were looking for. It’s nothing personal, these things happen. The important thing to remember is to focus on the positive stuff that you did and how you will be great next time.

Don’t go through this alone

Talk to your friends and family. By talking through your experiences and concerns they can help you better prepare for next time. Get stuff off your chest especially if the interview didn’t go as planned. It’s good to talk and they may give you good advice and help to put your concerns into perspective.

What can you do differently next time?

Don’t just think that everything went badly. It’s likely that most of it went well and there were just a few things that could have gone better. Think through what happened and highlight anything you would do differently such as what examples you gave, information that would have been useful, etc. Also think about all the things that went well and remember them for next time.

Set achievable goals

Are the time scales that you have set yourself to get a new job realistic? There are many factors that will influence how quickly you get a job offer such as the market conditions, type of job, what you are after.

Manage your expectations

Do you have the right skills and experience for the types of jobs you are looking at?
Are you looking for the perfect job which may not exist?
What things would you be willing to compromise on?

Whatever your reasons are for job hunting, make sure you don’t set yourself up to fail by setting unrealistic expectations.

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