Using social media in your job search

Social media is now a well-established tool for job searching. But navigating it successfully to find a job is never straightforward. This guide provides simple tips on making the most of it.


Most of us are on Facebook, which makes it the logical place to start. The simplest way to get your search started is by telling your friends you’re looking for work – you’ll be surprised by how often a friend of a friend knows of something relevant.

Facebook also offers an opportunity to network with people relevant to your search. For example, type a company you’d like to work for, or a sector you’d like to work in, into the search bar.

This will allow you to see any friends, or friends of friends, who are linked with that business. Connecting with these kinds of individuals could be hugely valuable in getting your foot in the door.


LinkedIn is now synonymous with job searching, and for good reason. Once you’ve created your profile, try to do the following:

  • Follow companies you’d like to work for – you’ll be the first to hear about new opportunities
  • Examine who works for these companies, what they’re up to, and interact with them when possible
  • Connect with relevant individuals and seek their advice
  • Search for groups associated with the sector you want to work in or the skills you possess. Here you’ll find job postings, influential people and valuable advice


Some businesses now recruit exclusively through Twitter, which makes it an ever-increasingly important tool in your job search.

Again, the most important function is the ability to follow businesses, groups or individuals relevant to your job search. Twitter is often the first channel used to advertise new positions, so following relevant businesses could give you a head start.

The great thing about Twitter is that you can follow anyone, and indeed, respond to anything they post. While it’s important not to ‘spam’ people, writing thoughtful responses to posts can build links between you and important decision-makers.

In a separate guide, we’ll look at what you can do to ensure employers can find you on social media, and how to make your profiles impress them.

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