Sourcing difficult to find skill sets

How we support a household name in the lighting solution sector to attract highly skilled technical people for their construction projects.


Since 2010, we’ve been proudly supplying temporary and permanent people to a household name in the lighting solutions engineering sector.

Due to the size and nature of their business, they constantly require highly skilled technical people, such as Project Managers, Project Engineers & Planning Engineers to work on construction projects.

The recruitment of such niche skill sets presents many challenges for our client including:

  •     The time it takes to source niche skills means roles can be vacant for long periods of time, putting project deadlines at risk.
  •     A lack of availability of individuals means people must be approached and persuaded to be part of the recruitment process.
  •     As a well-known brand, each role attracts a high volume of unsuitable applications. It takes considerable time and effort to sort through these applications and to respond to each one individually.
  •     Drop-outs from interview to offer due to sometimes lengthy recruitment process

In order to attract the right people, we advertise roles on our own website and industry job boards. The strength of our client’s brand brings in a strong advert response and we manage all first stage screening, which saves a lot of time for the internal recruitment team. 

To source people who may not readily be available, we use proven techniques such as regularly communicating with our existing candidate pools and approaching individuals directly, who if are not open to a new role themselves will often volunteer candidate referrals.  

Our clients consider us as experts in delivering suitable shortlists of candidates and in providing market intelligence on everything from candidate availability to market rates.

Our collaborative way of working as a second-tier supplier means at peak performance we fill 90% of roles released to us. By maintaining high levels of contact throughout the recruitment process people stay engaged which results in low dropout rates.