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Ready to transform your organisation? Your workforce is key. We’re here to support you every step of the way, from planning, through to sourcing, onboarding, training and more.

Supporting a wide range of businesses across several sectors, our consultancy services offer you a variety of solutions. We’ll bespoke our services to support your business objectives and to help you achieve your goals.

Carbon60 Supply Chain management
Recruitment & supply chain audits

We’ll work with you to assess your business so you’ve a holistic view and clear understanding of your entire recruitment process. Our audits cover everything - from internal recruitment methods to full supply chain activities. 

We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of your processes both internally and from an external viewpoint and can also check out associated legal and financial implications. Whatever your organisation needs, we’re experienced in providing you with the clarity you need to take your recruitment processes from good to great.

Carbon60 Talent Attraction
Talent mapping & attraction

Talent mapping and salary benchmarking are vital to your talent attraction strategy. At Carbon60, we’ve an extensive internal database, expert market knowledge and industry-leading tools, that combined, will provide you with insight for improving candidate attraction and retention.

As your end-to-end recruitment partner, we’ll work with you to enhance and promote your brand with candidate attraction campaign management. From social media campaigns to creating blog content and events, our services extend far beyond simply introducing you to candidates.

Payroll and Vetting Carbon60
Payroll & Vetting

Eliminate risk and reduce admin time with our fully compliant payroll solutions. Our experienced team provides an efficient, cost-effective service, which includes legislative advice on IR35 and AWR, to successfully payroll thousands of workers each week.

Our full screening process ensures workers are accurately cleared in time for their start date. Our friendly, approachable team create pre-employment packs and we use Authentick, our innovative in-house CRM system, to encourage candidates to proactively process their own clearances. This can include everything from reference checks to air-side passes, DBS, BPSS and more. 

Wondering whether our Consultancy Services are right for you? Take a moment to ask:

  • Is your procurement department already stretched?

  • Do you have gaps in your teams’ recruitment expertise? Would you prefer to outsource to an agency with the required know-how?

  • Would you like to retain influence and control over your process and have to grow your team?

  • Do you have a specific challenge regarding your recruitment process you’d like expert support with?

  • Are you aware of gaps/weaknesses in your EVP that you’d like help in fixing?

  • Would you like help in identifying the best recruitment tools and technology for your organisation?
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