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We spend around 92,000 hours of our lives at work so it’s pretty important that you spend them happy and motivated. Creating an engaging and positive workplace can dramatically increase your productivity and general self-esteem, as well as leaving you fulfilled and increasing your overall performance at work.
Read our 8 recommendations to make you happier at work:   

1) Start the day right
Ever heard the expression “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”? There is nothing worse than turning up to work flustered, aggravated and late, so make sure you get enough sleep and give yourself enough time to get ready in a peaceful state in the morning. Turning up to work refreshed, rested and relaxed will really set the tone for the rest of the day.
Carbon60 recommends: Try heading to bed an hour earlier than usual one night a week and waking up half an hour earlier the next morning.
2) Surround yourself with positivity
Ensuring you surround yourself with positive colleagues who are uplifting and encouraging will have a huge impact on your overall well-being at work. Simply smiling more, saying thank you and focusing on the good things at work will also improve your overall happiness because it tells your brain to be happier thanks to the release of neuropeptides.
Carbon60 recommends: Avoid negative colleagues who will drag you down and encourage you to moan and focus on the bad things. 
3) Eat well, exercise and stay hydrated
Maintaining a balanced diet and staying adequately hydrated throughout the workday can make a huge difference in your energy level and productivity. It’s a simple but effective trick that can help you feel better from the inside out. If you work in an office make sure you eat your lunch away from your desk and take regular breaks throughout the day.
Carbon60 recommends:
Eating a well-balanced lunch that stops your blood sugar level sky-rocketing. This will stop headaches, fatigues and afternoon slumps.
4) Have a great bunch of work friends
Having a good bunch of work friends who you can have fun with and enjoy a bit of light office banter will make you look forward to heading into work every day. You will perceive your job as more worthwhile and satisfying. They can also be a great support system and who better to head to the pub with at the end of the week?
Carbon60 recommends: Schedule lunch with work friends and set up regular fun department activities.
5) Leave personal problems at home
Instead of carrying over personal issues into the workplace, try using work as a means of escape which can distract you from personal issues and give you something else to focus your energy on. The stress will consume and distract you from the day job, leaving you less productive and inevitably more stressed in the long-term.
Carbon60 recommends:
Attending to personal matters before heading out for work. Try talking to your line manager if personal issues are really getting you down.
6) Get organised and stop multi-tasking
Working at a clean and organised desk makes the work environment seem less chaotic and stressful and will help you be better prepared and work more efficiently. Save time scrambling for lost items and declutter once every two months. Focusing on one task at a time is actually a lot more effective than juggling numerous at once which will decrease concentration and creativity.
Carbon60 recommends:
Creating a To Do List and prioritising your workload will help you become more efficient and give you a little boost when see them being ticked off throughout the day.
7) Reward Yourself

Recognise your achievements and successes at work. Whether it is simply ticking off jobs on your to do list (as mentioned above) or completing a major project, reward yourself and give yourself an imaginary pat on the back.
Carbon60 recommends: Enjoy a 2-4-1 after work cocktail with a colleague after completing that project you both worked on.
8) End the day well
The working day is done, so now’s your time to kick back and relax. Make sure you use your free time wisely and shut off from work and wind down. Do something you enjoy that is not work related.
Carbon60 recommends: Being well rested is a pivotal factor for your happiness level at work. Don’t check emails before going to bed, it will only stress you out.

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