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Bouncing back from a job rejection

For most of us, rejection is something that has to be dealt with when job-hunting, and it’s especially challenging after interviews. This guide provides a few simple tips on how to react positively to the setbacks.

Ask for feedback, and learn from it

Ask for detailed feedback from the employer and/or recruiter.

This is a positive step in itself – it shows you want to learn and take your career seriously. Then, use the feedback constructively; adjust your CV, or make notes about how your interview technique could be improved.

Reconsider your aims

It may be that you were right for the role, but competition was just especially high. That’s common, and nothing to worry about.

But in some instances, not getting a response means that you’re not quite aiming for the right role. Reconsider your skills, experience, and the sector you’re looking at. Do you have exactly what they require?

If not, don’t panic. Narrow your search to job specifications you match precisely.

Fix the holes in your CV

If the roles you want necessitate something you don’t have, see if you can acquire this missing skill or qualification.

Sometimes, landing your dream job demands you to go the extra mile. If you invest in training to secure specific skills needed for certain jobs, your prospective employer will be impressed by your initiative and determination.

Stay positive

It sounds obvious, but in interviews in particular, your positivity is vital, whatever the role.

If you can’t get over a previous rejection, you might appear a little defensive or negative at your next interview. You need to find a way of wiping the slate clean – the next job is the only one that matters.

Do something fun

The best way of bouncing back from something negative is to immediately do something you enjoy.

So, in the immediate aftermath of a rejection, socialize with friends or do something you love. Fill yourself with positive energy, which you can then use to renew your job search.

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