MaxSupport with MaxMarketing Talent Solution

Stand out in the crowd and get the maximum results from your recruitment marketing strategy, with the help of Carbon60 and the benefits of our MAX Recruitment Marketing services. With over 45 years of experience, Carbon60 are a specialist technical recruitment consultant and service provider. We are ambitious and driven to create bespoke recruitment solutions and collaborations, helping connect the correct, very best talent with roles across the engineering industries.

This extensive expertise and experience give us a head start when building and developing relationships with – and between – clients and candidates alike, and we’ve crafted our MAX Recruitment Marketing packages to give you the same head start by:

  • Raising your profile as an employer of choice
  • Providing an opportunity to raise awareness and candidate attraction by utilising Carbon60’s growing, 90k+ following
  • Giving you expert support and advice from our Recruitment Marketing Specialists
  • Looking after all your Recruitment Marketing needs
  • Helping you attract candidates more quickly and cost effectively

Different MAX Recruitment Marketing packages are available, all bespoke solutions tailored to suit your specific requirements, provide you with our full spectrum of experience, knowledge, and resources, and give you the very best chance of attracting the right talent, for the right roles, at the exactly the right time. 

From Social Media and Digital Content to Event Planning and Communication, MAX has your marketing needs covered.

Maximum talent, Maximum opportunities, Maximum delivery and Maximum results. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your recruitment needs.