Man using drill in PPE

Working in the Socially Distant Future

Health & safety has been a key focus for construction businesses for many years now, but in a new world of social distancing and infection control it has highlighted the need for us to continue focusing on developing new ways of keeping everyone safe.

Although the government didn't formally shut construction sites during the lockdown, I know many companies considered the health & safety of the workforce and closed operations for several weeks.

Now as we are encouraged to go back to work where it is safe to do so, we are working closely with our customers to quickly establish care packages and develop new ways of working to ensure that everyone on site remains safe and well.

Keeping every person safe

Throughout this pandemic, our focus has been on making sure all our existing workers have had access to required PPE such as face masks, sanitiser and hand soap. And in these challenging times we've had to come up with some creative solutions to make sure these resources have been continually available.

Hand sanitiser

Now as we transition into what is a new normal, I am partnering with many of our customers to make sure we have sustainable solutions to maintain social distancing, and that all workplaces remain clean and sanitised for all workers.

No one yet knows the answer around the best way to do this, and as advice continues to be released, we will keep our promise to continue to work closely with our customers and develop new and innovative solutions to keep businesses running and every person safe and well.

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