How AI can help you prepare for your interview

How AI can help you prepare for your interview
Dillan Mistry

How AI can help you prepare for your interview

A highly proficient AI tool, ChatGPT, can be very impactful in the use of Interview preparation.

Is there an AI that helps in interviews?

Preparing for interviews can be a daunting experience. It requires thorough research, preparation, and the ability to present yourself confidently whether that be through a screen or in person. In today’s digital focussed world, the development of technology has opened up new ways to help prepare for interviews effectively. One powerful tool which has made its way round social media is ChatGPT, an advanced language tool which has many uses and, in this case, can aid in your interview preparation process, provide insights and help you secure your dream job.

Practise interview questions:

The tool can simulate real interview questions by generating questions based on your field, experience level and specific job role. ChatGPT can also provide you with more tailored questions related to the job description given by selecting out key phrases and terms. Engaging in dialogue with the model allows you to practise formulating impactful and concise responses which will further gain your confidence in answering specific interview questions.

Feedback and review:

ChatGPT and its interactive nature allows you to formulate an interview style dialogue where you are able to gain valuable feedback and advice on how to improve your responses or make them clearer. The model which is continuously being improved and updated, can also evaluate your answers on criteria such as clarity, structure, relevance and provide constructive criticism. This helps you to be able to select your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to focus on improvement areas.

Another feature ChatGPT can be very useful for is helping you to model your answers and structure them in a professional manner.

The tool allows you to simply copy and paste the job description to provide potential interview questions for the specific job role which will then be listed. Incorporating this AI tool into your interview preparation can be a game changer and level up your skills especially as many interviews are now made virtually. By utilising this platform to learn, refine and practice, it will allow you to boost your confidence and enhance your confidence, and become a strong candidate for the role.

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