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Top times employees job hunt

According to new data recently released by Indeed, 1pm on a Monday is statistically the most popular time in the UK for employees to search for a new job.

Researchers analysed the searching patterns of millions of jobseekers in five European countries and found a clear trend with Monday seeing the highest search activity in all five nations.

Job hunting traffic peaks at 1pm on the first working day of the week in the UK and Ireland whilst earlier peaks take place in France and Belgium at 11am and from 12 noon in Germany.

Table: Peak day and time for job search by country.

France: Monday 11am
Belgium: Monday 11am
Germany: Monday 12pm
Ireland: Monday 12pm
UK: Monday 1pm

Mondays may see the highest spike in activity, however weekday evenings are also consistently popular for jobseekers looking for a new challenge, whilst seasonal variations also play a part in the types of roles employees are searching for.

Come the summer months, searches soar for travel-related and flexible roles, with the summer months typically seeing a five-fold increase in searches for jobs at the Edinburgh and Reading festivals, zero-hour contract jobs and immigration officer and cruise ship nurse roles.

Mariano Mamertino, EMEA economist at Indeed, said, “The power of the internet has transformed the way all of us look for a new job. With just a few keystrokes or taps on our mobile device, we can view millions of vacancies whenever and wherever we want.

“So it’s striking that even with this freedom, one day is universally the most popular for people to look for a new role. This reveals perhaps the emotional side of looking for a new job. Just as the start of January is a very popular time for people to consider a job change, so too the start of the working week.

“With the UK enjoying record levels of employment and the number of unemployed people per vacancy now at its lowest level for 15 years, competition among recruiters for the best talent is intense. So while the online jobs market is ‘always on’, we’re seeing hiring companies be increasingly tactical in how and when they target potential recruits.”

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