About EMCOR UK… 

Create a better world at work, for everyone, with EMCOR UK.

At EMCOR UK, everything is driven by an overall purpose to create a better world at work for all. To do this, they aim to bring the best possible people and resources together, through a range of customer-centric solutions and services including workplace transformation, integrated facilities management, data-led management services and carbon reduction. 

By utilising the talents and expertise of their dedicated teams of people, alongside innovative processes and technologies, EMCOR UK have successfully delivered their services to some of the most complex and regulated workplaces in the UK, in industry sectors including life sciences, defence, nuclear, hi-tech manufacturing and central government.

EMCOR UK know that it is their people and their knowledge that enables them to make a real difference to the way they help build dynamic relationships between employers and employees, organisation cultural and the workplace, and to them achieving their overall goal of creating a better working world. That’s why the company is always looking to grow, finding, and hiring new talent that will help them take the next steps on their journey. 


EMCOR UK’s Culture and Values

Beyond driving the work EMCOR UK do, and they solutions and services they provide, the company’s mantra also shapes its internal culture, values, and approach to shaping the wider world two.

‘A Better World at Work’ has two meanings for EMCOR UK, in the way they operate. Firstly, to promote a better place for all colleagues across their business, as well as those of their partners and their customers; and second, that everyone seeks to make significant impact on driving forward the social and environmental agendas to preserve the planet and promote a fair, inclusive and respectful society.

Underpinning the way EMCOR UK and their people work, and build and maintain positive relationships, are their values: 

People who care

Everyone cares about every person. Long-term success is based on creating truly inclusive environments and developing ways of working that provide genuine opportunity and respect to all. 

Safe and Secure

Never compromising on safety or security. Considering all aspects of physical safety and mental wellbeing, to make sure everyone feels safe at work. Being proud of safety and security procedures, and comprehensive education and training. 

Together as one

Collaboration is at the centre of EMCOR UK’s culture; a commitment to bringing together different teams and skills, working together seamlessly across locations and contracts for the benefits of the company, its people, and its customers.

Active and ambitious

Act with energy and ambition and always evolving as an organisation to meet customer needs. Investing in innovation and nurturing new ideas to continually raise standards. 


Opportunities with EMCOR UK 

Working with Carbon60, using the recruitment knowledge and experience of our dedicated experts, EMCOR UK are searching for talented individuals to join their fantastic team and become an integral part of their journey to creating a better world at work for all. 

If you think you could make a difference to workplaces, each and every day, you could be the perfect hire.