Advice for a career change

Advice for a career change
Dillan Mistry

Advice for a career change

An increasing number of people are not sticking to one company for their entire career. In fact, 58% of employed workers are currently trying to switch careers.

Stuck in a job that isn’t for you? Are you ready for a career change but not sure what field or where to start?

Embarking on a new career path can be an exciting but a daunting experience.  Whether you’re wanting to change for a new passion, higher salary, shifting industry trends or job satisfaction. Many people change careers in their lifetime and it’s not an unusual thing to do however, figuring out what career path to take and how to manoeuvre is usually what most individuals find difficult. With the right guidance, mindset and approach you will be able to make a smooth transition and find success in your new journey.

Choosing a new career 

To gain a better understanding on your career options list out your passions, skills and potentially complete an online personality test to help you determine which fields would be a good fit. Utilise job sites, your network and career advisors to help you get a better understanding of the role you’re interested in.

Research research research!

List out your potential career choices and identify which area you would like to pursue.  Once you have narrowed down your potential new career, researching the industry and the role is a vital part when transitioning into a new career path. Understanding what the role encounters, what transferable skills you may have and most importantly what skills and knowledge is required at entry level stage. You can search LinkedIn to see individuals currently in the role of choice and the skills they have and what they do in the role.  Watch videos such as, ‘day in the life’ which can give more of a real life insight of the position you are interested in. Also, get in touch with recruiters who specialise in your chosen industry as they may be able to help with tailoring your CV and provide you with some tips from their experience.

Make an action plan

Before diving straight in ensure to have some sort of plan, which will help keep you motivated throughout your transition and finding your new role. Write a to do list of what you need to do in order to successfully land your dream job. Do you need to learn certain skills or software? Network and build more relationships in the field? Use this plan as something you can go back to.

Elevate your skillset

Continuously educating yourself and building your skillset is always beneficial whether changing careers or not. In this case, identify the skills and knowledge required and find courses online which will help you gain these skills. Websites like Google Garage and Udemy offer free courses in many sectors to advance your skills.

Utilise your network

Utilise and grow your network. LinkedIn is a great place to grow your network and reach out to various people whether that be recruiters or individuals in your desired field. Get in touch and build relationships which could lead you to your dream role.

Finally and most importantly, remember why you want a career change. Stay motivated and keep going!

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