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Global Aviation Salary Survey 2018

Through our research into global aviation salaries, in association with Aviation Job Search, we found that there is an extremely strong link between age and wage – the more experience gained in the aviation industry, the greater the salary offering. There is also an apparent link between age, salary and geographical location.

Aviation professionals aged under 25 years old are getting paid, on average, 90% more in the UK than they would do if they were performing the same roles in Central or South America. However, the UK aviation industry offers salaries below the global average for people aged 20 – 54 years old. But aviation professionals aged 55 years old and above receive above average salaries in the UK. 

Aviation professionals aged over 65 years old will find the best salaries in Europe, receiving an average of £71,269. Europe is the also the place to be for those with less than one year’s aviation industry experience; they can earn an average of £45,000, compared to people with the same amount of experience in the Middle East, who will only receive average salaries of £14,040.

Compared to Europe, Asia offers the lowest salaries to aviation professionals aged over 65, with the average salary standing at just £35,000. The variations in global salaries shows why relocation is a genuine consideration amongst 95% of respondents across all age groups, as better salaries may await across geographical borders. 

66% of respondents would be happy to move abroad for their next role, where they can seek better wages for their experience and age brackets. Only 5% of respondents claimed they would not consider a geographical career move, but the majority of this group are willing to move within 50 miles of their current locations.

Our research findings indicate the immense level of commitment and dedication amongst aviation professionals, whilst showcasing the mobile nature of the global aviation industry. 

Our Aviation Salary Survey 2018 offers comprehensive, expert insights into salaries and comparative market trends within the global aviation industry. Discover more global aviation industry insights in our full report here

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