British Airways & Carbon60 – Creating Opportunities for International Engineering Talent

British Airways & Carbon60 – Creating Opportunities for International Engineering Talent
Ian Davies

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British Airways & Carbon60 – Creating Opportunities for International Engineering Talent

Utilising the Skilled Worker Visa scheme, British Airways – who are working in partnership with Carbon60 – are helping to create aviation careers for talent from around the globe.

Believing that inclusivity, diversity, and opportunities for all helps to not only create a stronger, more skilled, and highly-experience workforce, but also to make the world a better place for everyone, British Airways strive to offer the very best talent from around the globe the chance to begin and build and incredible career in the aviation industry.

That’s why, utilising the UK Government’s Skilled Worker Visa scheme, the airline are able – in some cases – to provide visas for international candidates who are successful in applying for a UK-based British Airways job, but don’t currently have the right to work in the UK. 

Which British Airways roles do the airline provide Skilled Worker visa support for?

British Airways provide support for a variety of roles across their various departments and sectors, from Head Office jobs to airport-based Operational positions.

Currently British Airways is, assisted by the recruitment expertise, experience, and knowledge of Carbon60, recruiting for talented individuals – including international candidates – to join their technical and engineering teams in Technician and Licenced Engineer roles.

These roles offer exciting opportunities to work for an iconic aviation brand and get ‘hands on’ with their aircraft on the ground, helping to keep them – and British Airways’ millions of passengers – in the air, and excellent career progression, with personal development and a multitude of benefits, to take advantage of too.

And, as mentioned, for successful candidates from outside the UK, British Airways can – depending on circumstances – provide sponsorship and/or cover relocation costs, using the government’s Skilled Worker Visa scheme.

How British Airways provide support through Skilled Worker visas

The Skilled Worker visas British Airways can provide range from between three and five years, with some fully funded, and others part funded. In some cases, they offer full relocation support including flights, hotel, and cargo costs as well as part-funded support for dependants.

The type of sponsorship offer depends on the role a candidate applies for. In the case of the Technician and Licenced Engineer roles, the sponsorship available to successful international candidates differs depending on the position.

Technician roles

For Technician roles, international candidates – upon successful application – will typically be offered an initial 3-year sponsorship, during which British Airways will provide training for the candidate to progress from Technician to Licenced Engineer. At this point, further sponsorship can be provided to extend the visa to 5 years. After 5 years, upon lapse of the visa, a period of indefinite leave to remain can be applied for.

International candidates who are successfully offered a Technician position are allowed to bring immediate family to the UK with them, but costs for visas and relocation is the responsibility of the candidate.

Licenced Engineer roles

Due to the more senior nature of the role, international Licenced Engineer candidates are typically offered a 5-year sponsorship upon successful application. Again, upon lapse of their 5-year visa, candidates can apply for a period of indefinite leave to remain.

For these roles, British Airways provide international candidates assistance with their flights to the UK and their relocation. Additionally, they will initially assist with the costs involved in bringing dependants to the UK too. However, these costs are claimed back through the candidate’s wages upon beginning work.

Please note that to qualify for Licenced Engineer roles, candidates must hold a UK CAA licence.

British Airways is waiting for you…

No matter where you are in the world, if you have the skills, expertise, and passion to begin or build a technical or engineering career in the aviation industry, British Airways is the perfect place to do so. There is no better time to join this iconic global organisation, so if you’re ready to take this opportunity, British Airways and Carbon60 are ready to help you take it.

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