Case Study: Talent Attraction Campaigns

Case Study: Talent Attraction Campaigns

Case Study: Talent Attraction Campaigns

Supporting fibre roll-out campaign with targeted talent attraction campaigns for skilled and unskilled candidates nationwide.


An ongoing challenge of our client (and their UK competitors) to update the fibre network. The UK was notably behind other European countries with the provision of high-speed internet and faced the additional challenge of a lack of appropriate UK talent to help the industry overcome the issue.

With ambitious plans and very public commitments to rolling out an improved internet service to over 100 cities, our client appointed several suppliers to aid in the laying of this new technology.

However, the biggest barrier to meeting this plan was still the lack of civil and fibre talent to complete the work, and they recognised they needed to support these businesses to attract and train up new talent to fill the skills gap. 


Carbon60 deliver a full RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solution, where we are developing an entirely new strategy for marketing a career in fibre, within their suppliers.

We began the attraction plan by carrying out extensive talent mapping of the market; identifying the kind of individuals we needed to target, where they were and how to best reach them.

With talent being so scarce we needed to spend time at the start of the project creating candidate personas and working with their internal marketing team to align tone-of-voice etc. before designing a route to market.

We used the insight gained to build a fully branded careers website specifically for this recruitment drive. The site incorporated automated chatbots to help with the screening of candidates. We blended an approach of technology and human interaction, working to forge relationships with each local supplier. The process involved liaising with multiple stakeholders and lots of different businesses and we needed to tailor our methodology for different locations and suppliers, each forming a mini-project.

We further found that talent pools could differ per location and bespoke training aligning to suppliers was required – a ‘one-size fits all’ approach would not have been appropriate for this assignment.


As with many businesses, the pandemic created additional challenges. Having set up face-to-face assessment centres, we had to take the process online and develop virtual assessment activities.

The need for talent was as important as ever and there was no slowing down of the demand, meaning we needed to work hard to adjust the programme and support existing workers with key worker letters for us and them to continue to support our client's essential service.



To date, Carbon60 has successfully helped to attract 300 individuals who went on to attend the training required to work on the roll-out programme. Spanning Scotland to the South Coast, both Carbon60 and our client have been delighted with the accomplishments of our solution.

50+ specialists are now employed by the client, with an additional 30+ skilled candidates having been hired to support and manage them in their new roles to date. As this model evolves, we can only see this number growing in 2021 and beyond.

Due to the nature of our relationship with the client, we have also been able to provide a lot of added value to the campaign including facilitate booking workers into training, hotel booking and negotiating preferential rates and management of work expenses whilst at training which has provided significant cost savings and saved them time across these admin heavy tasks.

“We were delighted with the progress so far on this project, which was somewhat of a challenge due to the lack of talent available within our client’s specialist area. With preservice and continuing to evolve our model we are successfully engaging the workforce required on this exciting and ambitious project. I’m proud of the way our client can work in close partnership with Carbon60, with our team becoming a seamless extension of their own team. True testament of what can be achieved with great collaboration and ambition. I am excited to see where this relationship takes us next!”

Matt Rogers, Carbon60 Account Director

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