Celebrating Armed Forces Day 2020

Celebrating Armed Forces Day 2020
Paul Nolan

Celebrating Armed Forces Day 2020

As we continue to navigate the effects of the UK coronavirus outbreak, there's perhaps no better time to recognise the efforts of our British Armed Forces.

As we continue to navigate the effects of the UK coronavirus outbreak, there's perhaps no better time to recognise the efforts of our British Armed Forces. Along with thousands of other key workers across our country, our military specialists have offered invaluable support to help in the midst of a crisis.

These unsung heroes have contributed in countless ways; from setting up our Nightingale hospitals, testing centres and delivering PPE, to supporting ambulance services and distributing food parcels to the most vulnerable in our society. Around twenty thousand members of our regular and reservist forces from across the army, navy and air force, have played (and continue to play) a crucial role in assisting the UK through the COVID-19 pandemic, undoubtedly one of the largest challenges our country has ever faced.

Armed Forces Day is an annual event held each June to recognise and celebrate our military and its personnel. This year, Armed Forces Day is due to be held on Saturday 27th June and whilst celebrations may be a different to usual - the official event planned to be hosted this year by Scarborough Borough Council has had to be cancelled because of coronavirus - there are still plenty of ways to show your support to the selfless men and women who dedicate their lives to serving our country.

Carbon60's commitment to our Armed Forces

Carbon60 has always been avid supporters of our military service men and women. Over the years we've employed and championed a number of our employees who have had military involvement, whether that be as veterans, reservists, spouses of serving members, or adult cadet volunteers.

We're proud to have worked our way through the ranks (pardon the pun!) of the MOD's Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS), having achieved firstly bronze, then silver and most recently gold in acknowledgement of our support for employees with military engagement.

To achieve this prestigious award Carbon60 was able to consistently demonstrate commitment, support and the fair treatment of our employees with links to the Armed Forces. We have programmes in place to help ex-military personnel into new engineering roles and careers, actively promoting opportunities that would be suitable for those with service backgrounds. We also have mentoring programmes for the spouses and families of those currently serving with the army, navy, or air force, designed to help them navigate the challenges associated with military life, such as remote postings and childcare issues.

And above all, we really take the time to appreciate and celebrate our employees with military involvement. These are individuals who not only demonstrate real dedication, commitment and 'get up and go', but who are also often able to bring with them a wealth of military experiences, skills and knowledge that then strengthens our own engineering and recruitment business too. 

How to show your support

As previously mentioned, the UK's official Armed Forces Day will look a little different this year but there are still plenty of ways for you to get involved.

The celebrations will begin with the raising of the Armed Forces Day flag on Monday 22nd June. The flag will be hoisted onto buildings and famous landmarks across the UK, so look out for any flags that may be flying near you.

Because people will be unable to congregate to celebrate this year, the official Armed Forces Day website has an entire section dedicated to getting people involved remotely. There are downloadable banners, flags and logos that you can use either in your workplace or at home to join in with the celebrations. 

You can also get involved on social media through posting your own messages of thanks to our military personnel, or by sharing photos and/or videos of yourself, your teams or your family saluting them.

Whatever you're doing this month, we hope you'll take some time out to join us in supporting those who dedicate their lives to supporting all of us. Let's show our appreciation for the valuable contribution of all those who make up our British Armed Forces, on Armed Forces Day 2020. 

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