Follow Our Journey Samantha Roberts

Follow Our Journey Samantha Roberts
Marie Simmons

Follow Our Journey Samantha Roberts

Follow the journey of Samantha Roberts, Head of Key Accounts and Solutions with Carbon60.

When Samantha Roberts joined Carbon60 as a Security Administrator, she never imagined that some years on she’d be part of the senior leadership team. Now Head of Key Accounts and Client Solutions, Samantha tells us a little more about her inspirational journey and the support she’s received along the way.  


Samantha began her career with Carbon60 in June 2012. “I started off at the bottom”, she told us. “It was a long journey with lots of transitions through multiple roles, but I’ve been very lucky to have experienced lots of different functions within the business.”

She continued to explain that she feels she owes her success to the support provided by her employers. “It was clear from an early stage that Carbon60 were identifying talent in the business. I’d only been with the company a couple of years and was sponsored to go onto a rising stars programme called The Academy”, Samantha shared. 

The Academy fast-tracks promising individuals through management learning which involves them proposing a business case back into the business for either generating or saving £50,000. Samantha was proud to come second in the initiative and was subsequently assigned a mentor. She added “Having a mentor was a great experience. It took me from being on a single account on a client site, to familiarising myself with multiple accounts. I experienced the different sectors within engineering, along with the different types of client and candidate behaviours, and all the different processes. It was an incredible opportunity.”

Since then, Samantha recognises that Carbon60 is an organisation that really supports growth and development, pointing out “There’s certainly support for any individual who wants to put their name forward for it.”

We asked Samantha what her proudest achievements were, both as an individual and a team. She claims that one is winning a current key client. “That’s a team effort”, Samantha said, “It’s not just down to one person, and is an account we secured last year.”

She went on to tell us that her proudest individual achievement is working her way through the ranks from Security Administrator to gain her promotion onto the senior leadership team in 2020.

When asked what it’s like to work at Carbon60, Samantha described it as a ‘place of great balance.’ “You’re allowed to be an individual within Carbon60. Creativity is encouraged and there’s recognition of the importance of mental and physical health within the business.” She continued, “You’re never put under extreme pressure and everyone around you works as a support network to make sure we’re all propping each other up.”

This prompted us to ask Samantha about Carbon60’s family feel. The company’s well-known for it, but what does it mean? Well, according to Samantha it means everyone’s focussed on the same goal. “We’ve all got each other’s back”, she says. “There’s no unhealthy competition and no feeling of someone trying to come in and take over your work. We all work together as a team.”

Carbon60 is a leading technical recruitment company, proud to be leading the way with a unique cultue and supportive family feel. If you would like to know more about our current opportunities, or learn more about what it is like to work for us you can do here. 


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