Follow Our Journey Shaun Bradbury

Follow Our Journey Shaun Bradbury
Marie Simmons

Follow Our Journey Shaun Bradbury

Follow the journey of Shaun Bradbury, Recruitment Team Leader at Carbon60.

Shaun Bradbury joined Carbon60 as a Resourcer in 2014. Just seven years on he’s not only proud to be in the position of Recruitment Team Manager for their Solutions Business, but to be part of the Carbon60 family too. Here, he shares the details of his success.


Now responsible for managing part of the Solution’s Division recruitment team, encompassing the company’s technical and engineering accounts, plus MSPs in Saudi Arabia, Shaun began his journey in quite a different role.

He began by supporting on MSP contracts, helping to find candidates for big names such as John Lewis, working  on a wide variety of technical and engineering roles. “What I liked to do was just support other teams in the Aylesbury office”, Shaun told us, “So, I worked on a number of permanent roles for the perm team and supported the defence team too.” 

After making himself known to the defence team, an opportunity came up around a year after Shaun had joined the business. He explained, “It really appealed to me, more so than the typical day-to-day resourcing. It also provided me with opportunity to progress, which I jumped on.”

A couple of years on in the defence role and Shaun was able to bring in a couple of Resourcers. The team was going from strength to strength, increasing in headcount and partnering with top defence clients such as the MOD, Atkins and Airbus. 

Next on Shaun’s journey was an opportunity to manage the British Airways account. “Due to multiple changes, which anyone in recruitment will know are common in the industry (you have to be very fluid), I was given the BA account,” he says. Shaun was now responsible for a team of three and they became the leading supplier into British Airways. “That was a fantastic achievement,” explains Shaun, “as a result they don’t use any recruitment agency other than Carbon60 which is just brilliant.” The outcome of the team’s success was Shaun being made the Team Manager.

Shaun puts much of his success down to the support he’s received from Carbon60. He shared with us that “A lot for the support isn’t linked to certifications or accreditations - most of the support is from the people in the business and particularly from some of those who’ve been here for over twenty years. These people really do support you in learning the full end-to-end process of recruitment - running right through from resourcing, sourcing and business development to the backend and things such as compliance and payroll. There are real experts in our business who always take the time to teach you and develop your skills.”

He goes on to explain that everyone who joins Carbon60 is put forward for the certified recruitment accreditation, CertRP. 

“I’ve also recently been put through the CMI Level 5 Leadership and Management qualification. It’s the equivalent of two years at university…plus we get fancy letters as Chartered Manager next to our names!” Shaun smiled. “It was all funded by the business and it’s really aided my development and understanding of Carbon60’s wider strategic and holistic operations.”

Shaun’s also been on a number of workshops that have enabled him to learn from peers - from Director level to ‘C’ level stakeholders within the Impellam portfolio. “That’s hugely benefitted my development - learning from people who’ve ‘got the t-shirt!’” It’s called the Virtuoso Alliance and is a set of colleagues from all levels who get time as a group with the MD and CEO of Impellam, Julia Robertson. Shaun explained that Julia gets to hear what is really happening within individual business areas. He says “It’s paramount for change and it’s fantastic she’s given that time. We’re already seeing changes. Most recently, the implementation of a new CRM, Bullhorn, which will be ready by the beginning of next year. There are major transformations in other areas too, so legal and compliance offerings and finance IT systems that will speed up processes.” 

When asked about his proudest achievements, Shaun told us he’s proud of the development of his team. “I think in any organisation it’s vital to have a positive, clear and structured career path. To be able to start the journey with my team of Resourcers and develop them through the business to senior delivery consultants makes me proud.  And, also to see how motivated they are by that challenge, and how dedicated and loyal they are to Carbon60.”

Shaun adds “As a team we’ve had so many achievements; we’re the sole supplier into British Airways off the back of our hard work. We’re now the exclusive partner of global retail manufacturer, Dyson, and work with their managers directly. I’m really proud of the relationship we’ve built with those clients. To get the Carbon60 brand known by such huge businesses has been wonderful.”

Life at Carbon60

We asked Shaun how he’d describe working at Carbon60. He replied with three words: professional, fluid, motivating. 

‘Professional’ because it’s a business that delivers on its promises to candidates and clients. Shaun points out that it really is different from other recruitment companies, and lives by its vision of being ‘the most trusted supplier of talent.’

‘Fluid’ due to the amount of change in the recruitment world. “I don’t put people in silos, I allow them to be fluid in the way they work. I’d rather keep them motivated and agile, so roles don’t go stale or monotonous,” he reveals.

And ‘motivating’ due to the mature approach taken to how people work. Shaun defines Carbon60 as having a flexible attitude towards working and a real work/life balance. “During COVID”, he explained, “we saw and heard from our leaders daily and weekly. They showed so much resilience and faith in the people that work here. Any senior director that fronts up and is willing to listen is an organisation you want to be part of. And that’s something that within Carbon60 that the management team does very well.”

Shaun went on to describe how the family feel that Carbon60’s well known for has been hard to maintain throughout COVID. “It’s been difficult over the past 18 months to have that true sense of family when we haven’t been able to see each other face to face. But I’ve no doubt that when we’re back to full offices again we’ll have that family environment once more. In terms of my team, the word ‘family’ really does ring true - everyone’s open, honest and is willing to support each other on any personal and professional matters.”

And Shaun’s message to anyone looking join Carbon60? “If you really want to do well, it has to come from you. But, if you’re willing to learn new skills and develop, Carbon60 will give you the backing, the training, the coaching, and the support in assisting you in getting where you want to get to. It’s definitely a business you can succeed in.” Shaun’s success story is testament to that, and he urges anyone looking for a new role to contact him via LinkedIn for a confidential chat.

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