How Carbon60’s Early Talent Expertise Can Help Shape the Future of STEM

How Carbon60’s Early Talent Expertise Can Help Shape the Future of STEM
Ian Davies

How Carbon60’s Early Talent Expertise Can Help Shape the Future of STEM

Using our Early Talent expertise, Carbon60 is helping to build a brighter future for STEM companies, their workforces, and the STEM industries overall.

At Carbon60, we are passionate about helping to ensure the future of the STEM industries, its companies, and their workforces are as strong, multi-skilled and diverse as possible – not just now, but long into the future too.

We understand the importance of building a bright future for STEM, and that’s why we are dedicated to helping organisations discover, hire, nurture, and develop the next generation.

Read on to find out more about Early Talent and Carbon60’s Early Talent strategies, expertise, and experience, as well as the benefits of utilising them.

What is Early Talent?

Also known as ‘Emerging Talent’ or ‘Early Careers’, Early Talent refers to the discovery, nurturing and development of those at the start of their career journey, usually with between zero to three years of experience.

Generally, individuals who are recognised as early talent include school students and A-Level graduates, as well as university undergraduates and postgraduate students. This enables companies to tap into a wide and diverse talent pool, of people from a variety of backgrounds and at different stages in their education or career journey.

Early Talent strategies, such as those crafted and implemented by our experts at Carbon60, equip companies with everything they need to find the very best early talent, and then provide them with the knowledge and skills to not only create a successful career, but help build a bright future for their company, their workforce, and their respective industry.

What are Carbon60’s Early Talent Strategies?

Recognising that attracting and engaging the very best talent early is essential for growing STEM industries and organisations, and for continually inspiring the next generation, at Carbon60 we utilise the experience and knowledge of our recruitment experts to turn today’s potential into tomorrow’s expertise.

A key part of this is our Early Talent strategies, which are carefully crafted – and can be tailored to a company’s specific requirements – to find, attract and engage individuals and give them the tools they need to begin a fulfilling, exciting and successful career.

Carbon60’s capabilities include everything from Summer Internships, Placements, and Apprenticeships, which provide opportunities for vital ‘onsite’ learning and experience, to Graduate, Undergraduate, and Post-Graduate Programmes that are designed to build on, grow and ‘take to the next level’ skills and knowledge already gained through academic studies.

What are the benefits of utilising Early Talent?

The positive impacts of implementing Early Talent strategies are aplenty. Beyond the incredible education and career development opportunities they offer talented people from schools and universities for example, Early Talent can help to solve a variety of common challenges faced within the STEM industries, including:

  • Bridging the skills gap – Not only does Early Talent help to fill gaps in workforces, filling roles with talented, skilled, and motivated people, it also helps to bridge STEM’s skill gap, through providing education, practical experience, mentoring and technical development opportunities.
  • Improving diversity – Early Talent can play a foundational role in activating diversity and inclusion within an organisation, and across wider STEM industries. Inclusive talent attraction and recruitment practices, implemented whilst actively carving structured and well-supported talent pathways for diverse talent, can help ensure the long-term success and progression of diverse talent into senior, and leadership positions.
  • Powering innovation – Early Talent strategies can offer graduates opportunities to showcase their innovative potential, while providing the support and mentorship required to ensure success. Education institutions and organisations may also benefit from a stronger skill alignment, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills required to fulfil their innovative visions.

Additionally, when working with Carbon60 to implement a Early Talent strategy, companies benefit from an enhanced, more defined Employer’s Value Proposition (EVP), and opportunities to evolve their ED&I and CSR journeys – all whilst taking advantage of access to a pipeline of the very best future talent.

Utilising our STEM Ambassador program we are able to access local schools and present to students and teachers and expand on the STEM roles available in the market and support people into a STEM career. This can be a targeted approach for a school local to your business.

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