Proud to be partnering with GHD

Carbon60 are proud to be partnering with GHD, an international professional services company, as they look to grow their water engineering team in the UK. GHD’s mission is to make water sustainable for generations to come, driven by the vision of a future that genuinely benefits everyone.

Water may cover 70% of the surface of the world, but it remains complex to manage this essential resource to be safe for human consumption. The UK water collection, treatment, & supply market was valued at £6.8bn in 2021 and the UK is known for its strong network of engineering professionals with this experience.

Established in Australia in 1928, today GHD employs over 10,000 people across 200 offices in five continents. But their journey is far from over, in fact, their UK market is just getting started. While poised from the growth they also have immediate projects in Australia and New Zealand. Think of it as gaining international experience from your own backyard.

Gareth Williams, Account Manager is passionate about how our partnership with GHD aligns so well with Carbon60’s values:

“Water is the single biggest resource on earth, which touches every area of engineering to ensure it is safely managed for future generations to come. As a specialist technical recruitment business Carbon60 couldn’t be closer aligned to support GHD find the talent they need to create a sustainable future.”

Despite their global size, GHD retains a start-up mentality within the EMEA region . It is renowned for rapid response times and lightning-fast ability to take projects to market without being hampered by legacy businesses. Employee-owned, they don’t have shareholders to report to, empowering every one of their people to collaborate, share knowledge and pursue new opportunities.

Richard Larkin, Talent Acquisition Lead at GHD adds:

“One of the most interesting and challenging resources we work with, water, has huge societal and economic value. Working in the Water sector brings challenges and opportunities that require innovation, creativity, and compassion. But it’s these contradictions and aspects that make the industry such a challenging and rewarding career.”

Find out more about what it is like to work with GHD’s water team and view all vacancies here.

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