We don't use agencies

We don't use agencies

We don't use agencies

Hear us out - this is why you should use Carbon60.

"We don't use agencies" you hear yourself saying for the fortieth time that week as you put down the phone to another recruitment agency.

We can probably hazard a guess as to why you don't use agencies:

  • You don't need to
  • They cost too much
  • They're ineffective
  • They're old-fashioned
  • They don't know your business

You know something? I'm sure in some cases, you're absolutely right. However before you write agencies off completely, read on to see the reasons it would benefit you to use a specialist technical recruitment agency such as Carbon60.

Get the best talent

According to LinkedIn, only 12% of the workforce are actively looking for a new job, but 85% are open to hearing about new opportunities. This means that only a small minority are likely to be responsive to advertising, as the rest just aren't looking - peculiarly referred to as 'passive candidates' in recruitment circles. Agency recruiters don't sit around and wait for a quality candidate to walk through the door (or respond to an advert), they'll proactively target your competitors and scour the marketplace for people in similar positions, to see if anyone is interested in new opportunities.

A specialist agency either already has a database of excellent candidates, or if not then they know the best places to find them. As they live and breathe recruiting, they have more time to identify and reach out to passive candidates in a way that's probably just not possible for your recruitment team or hiring managers.

There are strong brands out there, yours may be one of them. But a candidate has greater access to the employment market through registering with a third party. Many who decide to start actively looking for a job are more likely to register with a specialist agency first. This increases significantly in the temporary workforce and specialist contractor marketplace.

More efficient

Most agencies are able to manage the whole process. Agencies can save you time sifting through countless CVs and provide you with only the best. For instance, Carbon60 can provide vetting, arrange interviews, relay feedback and negotiate the offer. In addition, due to the large pool of candidates, temporary roles can be filled at short notice. We can turn a month-long search into one that lasts only a few days, as our experts can understand your niche and find the right people quickly.

In small companies especially, employees' time is already stretched thin, therefore recruiting in-house doesn't make for a wise investment of resources, so reducing the in-house resource you use for recruitment saves not only your time, but money too.

As recruitment is their core function, agencies can invest more in recruiting tools, job-board credits and candidate management technology, automating where possible, resulting in both time and cost efficiencies.

Cost saving

Posting job adverts is expensive, so we cover that cost and not only post them on your behalf, but create awesome adverts for you too. A decent agency will always provide replacements or rebates if they provide someone that you're not happy with.

"Within our Engineering Technology division, we have a diamond guarantee that goes beyond recruitment standard practices. We are so confident that your new hires will be the right fit for your business, that if you're not happy with one of our candidates or the service we provide, you don't pay. In fact, we go further than that - if we place someone in a permanent position and they leave within the first 100 days, and we aren't able to re-fill it for you, we refund you 110%." - James Spurling, Associate Director, Carbon60. 

Give us a try!

We hope those are enough compelling reasons to use a specialist recruitment agency if you don't already, and we would love to chat to you if you're looking to use our services in future.

Call us on 01329 227000 or email us at enquiries@carbon60global.com

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