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Mitigating risks, controlling costs and enabling projects to move forward, Carbon60’s Statement of Work solutions are designed to help you deliver results. 

Why us?

Each of our Statement of Work solutions are tailored to your exact requirements, using our extensive experience to help you innovate and drive your project forward. 

Each of our Statement of Work solutions are tailored to your exact requirements, using our extensive experience to help you innovate and drive your project forward.  
Shared Risk
By transferring your project to Carbon60 you also transfer many of the risks involved in delivering complex and business-critical projects. Our Project Management Office (PMO) contains expert staff that bring a wealth of experience in the early identification of risks, maintaining comprehensive risk registers and reporting to all stakeholders, providing you with  the assurance that projects will be delivered.
Cost Control
Keep a handle on costs with a fixed-price solution based on delivery. We offer flexible commercial models from fixed-price, staged payments, based on the delivery of agreed milestones. Alternatively, pay only for the hours required to deliver the project, with our utilisation-based model.
By outsourcing your project, we take full responsibility for delivery to agreed quality standards. Everything from sourcing the relevant experts to managing the end-to-end process, you can trust our output.
Known Deliverables
Working to pre-agreed SLAs (service level agreements) with defined KPIs (key performance indicators) and deliverables, we will give you peace of mind through taking full responsibility for delivering the service you need.
One of the key roles of a Statement of Work is reporting on the resources used (for instance, physical parts or man hours), transparent progress updates and project performance across the whole business. Many of our projects are also able to be completed on site, where they can be under closer supervision of internal teams where required. 
Deadlines & Milestones
If you are struggling to fill vacancies, on a hiring freeze or have a current team busy on other projects, a deployed Statement of Works mean you can meet your deadlines and turn projects around quickly where required without increasing your headcount.
Statement of work ir35
Compliant IR35 Solutions

We are experienced in providing contractor solutions in an IR35 compliant way. We can assist you in evaluating your requirements and help you understand complexities around direction & control, ownership of the project and mutuality of obligation to find a talent solution that allows you to focus on the delivery, rather than the compliance risks. 

Carbon60 Outsourced Projects
Fully Outsourced Projects

If you have a complex project or would like to explore full project outsourcing options, our sister business, Carbon60 Project Solutions, is a technical service provider you can trust. 

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Carbon60 Statement of Work
Delivering Quality Results

As an ISO9001 accredited business, with proven capability, you can rest assured we will deliver solutions that meet your business needs.

Carbon60 Statement of Work
Powered by Proven Experience

Our team comprises certified engineers and a dedicatedproject management office, using their in-depth knowledge and technicalexpertise to design truly bespoke solutions. A partnership-led approach ensures we understand yourrequirements, the culture of your business and connect the right systems, individualsand teams to your project, both in the UK andinternational markets.

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