The rules of attraction

The rules of attraction

The rules of attraction

Find out how you can tweak your construction job descriptions to help you attract the right people...

With a 4.3% unemployment rate and the seemingly endless Brexit uncertainty, built environment employers are finding it harder than ever to hire good people. So what sets your job description apart from the rest?

Consider this the next time you're recruiting:

Personality goes a long way
Show candidates what it’s like to work with you! Give them an insight into your culture, your team, your vision and your future. When you sell a role based on your culture – not just remuneration – you will naturally attract people who fit into your business.

Look in a different ocean
In a world where there are increasingly few specialists, don’t be afraid to look outside your market. Innovation breeds innovation. After all, a person won’t just bring experience and skills to the table – they’ll bring passion and personality too. And they might even add a fresh perspective that encourages you to look at how you do things and understand how you can do them better. Hiring shouldn’t necessarily be about finding the best ‘candidate’, it should be about finding the right person.

Make it genuine
We see hundreds of job descriptions with the same words and phrases. Drop the “must have good communication skills” and “must have basic Microsoft Office skills”. Make it specific, and make it genuine. Explain why people need the criteria you desire, and try to make it as descriptive as possible. Remember, it’s about putting your company above the rest.

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