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What kind of project manager are you

Ever wondered what kind of project manager you are? Answer the five multiple choice questions below to find out whether you’re a superhero, a sensei or a general!

1) You and your team have been working on a project for a long time and are close to completion, but the client has suddenly requested for the deadline to be moved forward. It’s an unforeseen emergency from a big client and it would really boost your business if the project was a success. Do you:

a) Agree to the deadline and throw yourself at the project. This is all on you. It’s your responsibility to ensure deadlines are successfully met and clients are kept happy.

b) Talk with your team. Do they think it’s achievable? Would they be willing to work

extra hours to get everything done? If yes, great! If not, you’ll need to tell the client the original deadline will have to stand.

c) Agree to the deadline, gather the team together and sort out how this can be achieved. The hard work will pay off.


2) Your team has had a series of spats recently. A small misunderstanding has blown way out of proportion and the atmosphere is heavily charged. Do you:

a) Allow the team some time to sort it out themselves. It needs to be resolved, but by making a thing out of you’ll only make things worse.

b) Bring the team together and talk it out. What happened? How did it start? How can it be resolved?

c) Talk to the individuals involved and tell them to get a hold of themselves. They’re adults at work. Either they get over it, or they leave.


3) A few members of your team have booked holidays soon and are beginning to fall behind schedule in the run-up to them. Do you:

a) Pick up the slack for them. They’re going away on a long-deserved break, they’re allowed to wind down a little in the lead up to it.

b) Speak to the team together. Ask them why progress is slowing down and what they can do to get back on track.

c) Talk to the slower members of the team individually and tell them to get back on schedule. They’re not on holiday yet.


4) The business is in a bit of a bind financially – no one is to blame, it’s just bad luck – and the only thing to do is cut salaries. Do you:

a) Take it all out of your own salary without telling anyone. You don’t want to worry the team, plus you earn the most.

b) Talk to each team member individually and tell them everyone is going to have a small salary cut, including you. Be transparent and honest about the reasons why.

c) Tell the team about the cuts at the same time, explaining the logic behind your decision and its importance for the business.


5) You made a mistake. It isn’t devastatingly huge, but a sizeable problem that will impact the team. Do you:

a) Avoid telling the team and concentrate on fixing it yourself before anything goes wrong.

b) Tell your team individually, asking for assistance so that you can all turn things around quickly.

c) Come clean in a team meeting and outline how you’re going to fix things.


Mostly As - You're a Superhero

If something goes wrong, you want to be the one people turn to. You confront issues head-on and

deal with problems directly, even if they’re not your own. You’re willing to sacrifice yourself for the

good of the team and everyone feels safe with you as their leader. However, you need to remember

that relying on others isn’t a character flaw and is sometimes necessary.

Mostly Bs - You're a Sensei

You're a real team-player. You believe in moving forward as a collective and emphasise the

importance of building a supportive network within a relaxed atmosphere. Day-to-day things are

happy and smooth-sailing. All for one and one for all! You’re like a gentle, caring parent, coaching

others with wise words and logic, but you're not always as authoritative as you perhaps should be.

Mostly Cs - You're a General

You rouse the troops into action on a daily basis with a no-nonsense attitude and a black and white

approach. You get things done and make the team feel as though they can get things done as well.

You're powerful, strong and people respect you. You might be accused of micro-managing on

occasion, but your team would follow you into battle without a second’s thought.

A Mixture - You’re a Chameleon

You change your approach to fit the situation. Sometimes certain issues call for a change in tactic,

but try to remain consistent where you can. Your team will feel more at ease if they can predict your


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